Thursday, January 19, 2017

Heaven is around the corner...

It has been a whirl wind holiday. It is my last holiday as a graduate student. Next year this time I will be working as an artist, perhaps writing for an artist magazine, or perhaps working with Pixar or Lucasfilms. The possibilities are endless and the miracles are manifesting as I type.

I was looking through some older Facebook memories when I happened across the photograph of me upon a ladder trying to stretch out a 65 foot sail that I had painted ages ago. That photograph got me thinking about painting a sail again and then I thought, why don’t I look into purchasing a sailboat?  Then a miracle happened, a friend who owns a sail boat in San Francisco saw the post and connected. They have a sail boat they are looking to sell. Maybe they will let me paint the sail and I can use that as part of my final thesis! Libby and Lawrence, can I paint your main sail and use that as a part of my final thesis?

Miracle? I think so.
That same man was the director at Academy of the Arts University and his wife also worked at the college. His connect with Star Wars was the pull that took me to San Francisco. My son who is a Star Wars fanatic drew me to the school because of his love for that film. 

“Use the force” seems to be happening all over the place!

Another exquisite energy, Marietherese, wrote the words in an e-mail that I used to create todays art. As soon as I read them I knew I had to make them into art. The painted image is a small part of a painting from MOMA. Marietherese and I both share the love of swimming and her muse manifested that art.

“People give up on everything.. Just when heaven is around the corner.” I love these words. God, the universe, what ever you want to call the source will speak to you and show you the lessons. God is smart that way. 

If you are a reader then your lesson will pop off the page in the written word, if you are dreamer then your lesson will occur to you in the middle of the night whilst you sleep. If you meditate then the lesson will come to you while you quiet your mind. Or perhaps if you are a reader of ramblings and scroll through notes, your lesson might appear here.

The lessons are in the connects. The connects are energy given and received. I was lucky enough to have an afternoon with Marietherese and to share thoughts and dreams with her. Her energy still is swirling about me, driving me to follow my truest dreams as an artist.

She doesn’t want me to secure a boring 9 to 5 job behind a computer all day. She wants me to find the perfect artist position. So I shall focus upon that force and awaken that dream and am excited to know that it is manifesting itself and coming toward me.

Have a blessed day! Expect miracles! 

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