Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Butterflys are free to swim

Original artwork by Judith Parsons Art 2017
It is created from a photograph of a diving mask.
I reflected the transamerican building in the mirrored lenses.
I will be swimming in the ocean and diving.
Let me know, if you are interested in purchasing a print.

There are synchronicity moments that catch me by surprise. Things you couldn’t make happen if you tried. Three different people in one day brought up the butterfly.

I was at a training session at the ymca and I had to swim laps, no big deal. I did the first 5 laps, then she asked us to do one more, the butterfly stroke. I laugh even as I write it, because that particular stroke is my WORST stroke. It kicks my rear end and exhausts me.

I started in, whip kicking my legs, and swinging my arms around and down, thumbs entering the water, arms long and extended. The first 3 arm strokes and breaths I am asking myself just to breath, the next arm and head moment I am asking myself NOT to breathe in water. It was a strange self-actualization moment. Me, the swim instructor instructing myself to stay focused and raise my head enough above the water not to take on water.

I made it,  I got to the end of the pool. However, my heart was beating like a crazy drum. I knew I was over exhausted and I needed to become stronger. It was time to get back into the pool 3 days a week and swim my mile.

I was telling my daughter about this realization with the butterfly stroke and she laughed, she had pulled the butterfly card that morning. We busted out laughing. The universe was taking us on notice, reminding us to re-evaluate and assess the stage we were in.

In Native American Medicine the lesson of the butterfly represents the four different stages of growth from the caterpillar to the fully grown exquisitely developed butterfly. We all are constantly growing, morphing, cocooning and unfurling our wings. Over and over again.

Then later that day, Ann, waving posted a gorgeous butterfly image reminding us to fly.

Then yesterday, I went to a scuba shop to purchase a mask, I want to swim in the ocean. I played with the art, creating an awesome design that incorporates my love of San Francisco and diving. I will be creating one of a kind prints from this art and you can purchase one.

We are all growing, changing, morphing and transforming. Is it time to wrap yourself in a cocoon of quietness, a time to asses your needs? Is it a time to step up your came and take challenging new classes, that might improve your job performance? Is it time to take that leap of faith and do what you have feared doing? Unfurling those wings, leaving the safety of what was to a new challenging place of potential?

Change is constant. Let the change be on your terms. You decide.

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