Friday, February 3, 2017

Life has seeds.

Photos of cactus by Carissa (thank you)
Composition by Judith Parsons
Last night I tried cactus. 
Yep. I didn’t know it was a food either. I have a fabulous friend who is introducing me to all sorts of new food adventures! On the outside, it looks like a typical Cactus blossom. Nothing to write home about, however, when it is cut open the color is glorious!

I was skeptical as Carissa peeled away the thick outer skin. She cut it up into little cubes handing me one. I put it in my mouth and started chewing upon it, first sense was the sweetness! It was fabulously tasty. Next were the little seeds, that get stuck in your teeth. Not so pleasant an experience.

Carissa says they don’t bother her. She also tends to eat watermelon seeds and some fish bones. This surprised me. And I am a little worried about her inside getting punctured by bones. I told her to make sure she chews her fish bones well.

Back to the cactus, this is exactly how a vibrant red color ought to taste, succulently sweet. With the surprise of the seeds inside. Sort of like raspberries, how they have little seeds in them sometimes, or even better, a grape with seeds. That is exactly what it is like. A tiny grape seed.

Life is like that, we have to learn to deal with the seeds. Some people swollen them, not letting them bother them. Then some people spit them out. Of course, there are all types of ways to spit a seed out. Does one just lean over the trash can and expel them directly from their mouth?
Or does one take a paper napkin and carefully remove them from the tip of the tongue, so as not to gross out others in the vicinity?

However you decide to expel the seeds, or not. 
Food for thought.

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