Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dream Big Always

Photograph from google images.
Manipulated and played with in photoshop.
Composition by Judith Parsons Art 2017
The wind awakened me with her pleas from the past. She was looking for a woman that she once knew, the gardener with green thumbs. The wind was howling at Mr. Time asking him to move along. We all have tired of all this frozen cold hate and it is time to plant seeds.

You remember planting seeds. Perhaps you planted grass seeds in a paper cup you decorated with a face? So when the seeds sprouted your face had an awesome flat top of hair.

For most of my life I was excited about planting seeds. There is a lovely time of “Choosing THE seeds”. Always tomato and basil, then other exotic seeds. 

The wind continues to howl, asking, why aren’t my hands in the soil? Where are the seed catalogues? Where did I place my green thumbs?

The sun awakens and rolls over to calm her howls, he pulls her impatient self into his arms. He soothes her cries, he warms her soul. He coos, “Everything is happening perfectly.”

The howl ceases. She sighs deeply into the warmth of his embrace. She closes her eyes and dreams of fresh tomatoes ripe off the vine and aromatic basil in her hands.

It is time to plant seeds of beautiful things to come. 

Dream big always.

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