Sunday, February 5, 2017

A dream

Photograph by Ross Richards
Follow his tumblr account: Nikkor35world



Connecting energy in the highest realm.

The photograph you see inspires me. I expect to see myself walk around the corner and to pop into that photograph. The woman is evolving and transforming before your eyes. I can see me, the stronger version draped in attire that dates back to the Roman times.

I can see the woman we all are, in her strength. Her children are running about the field catching butterflies. She has a basket upon her hip and she is picking the future fruit that will be harvested in the fall.

This photograph reminds me of a dream, it was much like this. The small white blossoms covering the field forever. Yet, they weren’t blossoms, they were butterflies. A woman of white butterflies awakens, and after she stood up all the butterflies that resembled blossoms took flight into a glorious spiral of magic.

The muse, is you. You grace me with this type of beauty and I am astounded and stunned into silence. I could stare into this photograph for days! Thank you Ross for your magical photograph!!

Ross Richards has a tumbler account, he has captured glorious photographs from his part of the world, Valencia Spain. Please follow his work!

His tumblr name is Nikkor35world

I will not ramble on incessantly, I will leave you with the spring breeze caressing your face. With the perfumed air filling your lungs. Breathe in his magic! Enjoy!

(Whispering softly in your ear) We are all more connected than we know.

oh...and "Everything is happening perfectly." From Susan Jeffers: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

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