Friday, February 10, 2017

Mermaid Margaret

Woman shape taken from Google, image trace created.
Watery Wings created by Judith Parsons Art. 2017

My daughter Margaret's words:

"When I teach kids how to float, 
I tell them that the 
most buoyant part of their bodies 
is right over their hearts. 

I ask them to point to it, 
and with little seashell fingernails, 
they tap tap tap their breastbones. 

I tell them to raise their chins 
towards the sky and 
open their arms like a flying bird, 
so that their buoyant chests are open.

I ask them to inhale, 
like filling up a big birthday balloon, 
and feel their breath take them 
to the top of the water, 

light as a feather, 

relaxed, gentle, slow.

And they float, 

and they smile,

every time, 

again, and again, and again. 

Deep inhale, lift. 

Your heart is the most buoyant part of your body."

Well done My Mermaid Queen!!! (pulling you into my arms for a glorious heart to heart embrace.)

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