Monday, February 13, 2017


Anita, this blog is for you.

Why does someone choose a love halfway around the world?
Because  relationships are not easy. At first, I wanted to be able to have you fully, when ever we could be together. I didn't want the distractions of life to get in between us. I thought I could compartmentalize love. This relationship has been about discovering true love from God's perspective. We started out our relationship with the spirit. 

The growling sleepy bear learned to accept me. The strange mysterious happenings left me in awe. You opened the door to another realm of magic and mystery that most would think could not have happened. We laugh, we raise our eye-brows and expect miracles. They happen for us.

When we are apart we focus upon our own goals. God knows, while I am working on my art, I tend to fall off the face of the earth. You understand that, you leave me be, you let me do whatever I need to do, knowing I will come back to you.

Our love has grown like that crazy wild blackberry beside your river. Where you begin and I end there is no telling. The fruit of love is fabulously luscious and sweet!

We give one another our best love. Our love is selfish and incredible! Time does not exist-it is tunnel vision love!  I am learning how to love honestly, without giving so much of myself away that I drown in you. You amaze me, the way you pour yourself into me! I adore and love you more and more as you continually blow me away with your compassion and caring.

I am thrilled to love you! Thank you for your incredible wild Irish woman love! Thank you for having a steel back bone! Thank you for being my personal photographer! God knows you astound me with your “eyes”.

Happy Valentine’s Day Anita. Growing younger and stronger beside you!

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