Thursday, November 8, 2018

(Kissing you on the cheek)

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The feminine is awake. It is all about being born. 
Hello Sweet Friends! Thank you for stopping by to see the ramblings of a wild artist. I am typing this on the fly, no safety net. No revisions, just typing. The new election was fabulous for the feminine. For the longest of times, I don't think women had a lot of time to be involved with politics. We were too busy running a household, keeping the laundry clean, trying to work and bring home the money to pay for the mortgage.

Thankfully this new generation of men, are stepping up and helping the woman run the household. The world really is a brave new world now, with women stepping into the political arena. It should be some exciting times ahead.

Hopefully, more women will run for office and more women will have a voice in the majority of men realm. When I had my boy, I was a scared mom. I wasn't sure I could raise a boy. I wanted my boy to grow up strong with a voice. Though I was afraid he would be an extreme bully or a wimp. I wanted to raise a sensitive man yet, the same issues bubbled to the surface. How in the world does someone become a man these days?

My oldest brother is a hunter and fisherman. Those are his hobbies. My twin brother has enough land and animals upon that land to be called a "farmer". Though, truth be told, he doesn't call himself a farmer. Though, we all beg him for his homemade sausage.

I have to laugh as I am thinking what to say next- and how to say it. I don't talk to them about politics, because I am guessing they support Trump. And really, I just don't want to get into that whole messy muddy ugh discussion. I will "leave it be" and let it float away. Even, as I think they support another perspective in the political realm, they are southern gentlemen. 
They never use the word "slut" or "cunt" they offer their chair to the woman and they have manners.

My ex-husband is a gentleman. He was always a gentleman to me and that is probably the only thing that I can be certain of, that my boy will at least have "Southern Gentleman" qualities.

I can relax now that I have written this out.

I had two children. One per hand. A boy and a girl. I can safely say they turned out alright.
Hells bells, they turned out better than alright. THEY are amazing adults.

That is enough rambling on for now. My silly thoughts are down are paper...well- you know.
Thanks for stopping by. 
(Kissing you on the cheek) YOU really are something special.

I appreciate your reading.

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