Monday, November 5, 2018

SHE deserves better.

Created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
Created especially for this blog.

Daughter's wisdom.

She said; “She deserves better.”

Drop the phone. Oh my Dear Lord. How many times have I said those words?
I was shocked.
Lightning bolt time.

Out of her mouth, I was her, she was me. We had become a woman who apologized for who and what we are.

What the hell.

How did this happen?

Stop. Just everybody fricken stop. Put the brakes on. Get out of the car. Look that person in the eyes, put your hands upon that other persons shoulders, look at them and say these words:

“I am good enough.”


If you can not say those words. Then go work on you.
Plain and simple.

You have to feel it on your own.

I can not make you feel anything.
I can try all day long. Talk until I am blue in the face.
However, YOU have to take care of you.

I want you to be the best you can be- for you.

Now, back to the daughter.

That was more than a mouthful of words.
Throwing those words out there.

Take those words - reach for them. As they start to fly around you and weave themselves into a cocoon of protection. Let me grab those butterfly words and hold it still.

Stop time.

Let me stretch those words into another word: “confidence”

YOU are enough as is. YOU are better than you know. Let me hold up the mirror for you to see how incredible magnificent you are. Now- do you see your eyes? Are you looking into your own eyes? They are my eyes?

Our eyes overlap. We hold the mirror for one another. 

The illustration sort of conveys this back to back scene. We all reflect one another. What we see lacking or negative in someone else, generally is what we need to work on in ourselves.

You want to be strong and filled with light? Find those strong souls in your existence, call them, actually talk. I have called a few friends who have survived incredible health issues. Two women are good friends and they inspire me to grow stronger mentally and physically everyday.

Please see your worth, see your own strength. Don’t stay in a negative environment.

We all deserve better.

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