Sunday, November 11, 2018

Swirling in the unknown.

Graphic composition created by Judith Parsons Art 2018.

The question make shape is the start of a swirl.

Take that great unknown and swirl upon it.

I have 30 good years left in me- to create art.

It is in
the kneading of the clay,
the excited muse of the design,
the wanting to create and weld in metal,
the combination of glass, clay and metal
for blogs that make me happy.

Then there are the people who want to have adventures with me. The artists who want to open a studio with me. The family who wants to eat seafood with me (grinning), and the family that wants to go on long car rides and sing with me.

Then there are the friends I haven't met yet. The poetry men and women who write my soul. THEY seem to know me, under my skin sort of knowing. I so desire to meet them. And the wild wolfy sisters that love sitting around a camp fire and howling at the moon.

There are famous souls who I have met and I trust I can assist them in producing art that help to promote a better world.

Life is an adventure.
The spirit is young and wants to skip down the road holding your hand.
It need not be fraught with deep heavy intense thoughts.
It is in the moment of now. As you read these words that float down upon the river of your divine soul--we all are flowing and fluid and free.

Keep flowing sweet friends.

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