Tuesday, November 6, 2018

learning to "fly"

I teach swimming for two reasons: First, I need a job that keeps me strong and healthy. Secondly, the challenged learners are really special as we both learn together how magical water is. When they “learn to trust the water” they FLY!

I am aware of the night. Elections. I feel buoyant. I feel this is a most appropriate blog for flying.
I will not venture further into the politic realm, we are all connected. Back to swimming.

I created this graphic to help you see the most basic lesson. With children who are on the autistic spectrum, I have tried many different techniques to try and get the student to “trust” their own buoyancy.

Water for me is magical. We are learning that water holds energy, we are learning that water is magical. If you want to be healed, go to a pool. Take the weight off of your body. Allow yourself a r-e-a-l stretch where you float upon your back in the water, your ears are under the water, and you listen to your heart beat. Lift your chin upward toward the ceiling. This will make your eyes go under the water, if you lift your chin and tilt your head back. BE aware! 

Now breathe in this position. Allow yourself to hear your heart beat. It is the best feeling, the rhythm is steady and calm. As you float with your first sounds in your ears, embrace this growth. YOU have come a long way. The first sound you heard was your own heart beat. Let the water bring you back to the origin of you. 

Now back to the ability to fly. Teaching a child how the water supports them is a difficult lesson for some children. After I have taught the child how to float on their front, with their face in the water and then I try and teach them to float upon their back. The back is an interesting position for them.

The water is in their ears.
Sure, their face is OUT of the water- but that feeling of lifting the feet and trusting the water to be solid enough to support and buoy the body—-is a little tricky to teach. (Especially for children with learning challenges.)

So. I have a tall child try and reach under the water to grab a toy off the bottom.
Most of the times, as the child reaches down, their body floats up. They are not able to reach down and grab the toy. I explain the air in their lungs keeping them from grabbing the toy.
Usually that works.

This new technique for teaching them how to move their arms, is showing them the movement and action and reaction ability.

I have the child point their feet toward the bottom, so their toes are touching the bottom. Then I ask them to try and lock their knees- so they aren’t keeping their feet upon the bottom. Then  ask them to push downward with their whole arms. As if they are flapping wings downward.

They will fill their bottom lift.

THEY have lift off.

Pretty amazing ability for some of my special kids. Just thought you might want to find a pool to swim in. Our Chinatown pool is saline based. Sure we have chlorine in the water, use not as much as some pools.

Or water has incredible healing abilities. I am a 58 years young woman becoming stronger and better with the water as my main panacea. 
Come back to the fluid, find your flow, flap your wings. Become a flying fish. Let yourself play and lay back upon the water. Take your ears back to the beginning, where you heard your mother’s heart beat. Smile as you float.

Heart your own heart beat.
YOU are strong.

You are buoyant.

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