Sunday, February 24, 2019

A little different

Illustration and design by Judith Parsons Art 2019
San Francisco

I am writing on the fly. What you see is what you get. I will read over once and try to catch any typo's, however, chances are there will be some small something I miss.

The art is a whim. Plain and simple.

I usually sketch in a pad, then create the sketch in the Adobe Illustrator software. I then take it into photoshop to continue playing.

One white dot at the center of the swirl, two larger white dots with swishes coming off of them. Then little triangle shapes off the main shape.

The swirl is a constant in my art.  I like to think it is because of the shrimp I love to eat. Some of my best eating involved large quantities of cajun spiced hot to the touch shrimp. Usually my work is centered. This is off kilter. Right now at this particular moment my bedroom looks like hurricane Katrina blew through. It is a jumbled mess.

I have a sculpture that is in limbo land. I think Mark Cohen would love to have this magnificent piece of art in his home. It is a strange and complicated piece of art. I do hate to part with it. However, it was born in CA and needs to reside here, in "her" home state.
(Waving at Mark!! Call me!)

Today was my last weekend of teaching at the YMCA in Chinatown. I cried a couple of times, saying goodbye to children that I will not forget. I invested my heart and soul into these wee minnows. A few I have watched blossom into the pre-swim team. I see families on the bus and they call out: "Hey Teacher!" I can't help but smile. It is nice to be loved and hugged.

I will tell you a secret. After every class I make them say: "I am strong." and after today's last class I made them add: " I am a great swimmer and I will never forget Miss Judy." So there you have it! I am not ashamed to admit this. AND all of them grinned from ear-to-ear when they said it! With a great high-five palm slap.

So. I bow out Chinatown. I will miss you crazy intense lovely families! I love the way the community pushes its children to stay healthy and fit. Life is pretty darn amazing with fabulous friends like these!! Keep singing, shining and swimming!!

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