Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sam, sex and never giving up.

Title: Keep going.
Inspired by Sam Lamott.
Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2019 (copyright pending)

This evening’s blog involves 3 elements; Sam, Sex guy and never giving up. (laughing) When I put them all in sequential order it sounds like a titillating blog. Well, now that I have you reading, lets continue…

I created this art, while listening to Sam Lamott’s podcast: “How to be human.” It reminds me of the dragon fly abstract I inked ages ago. However, it became more face like as the composition continued.

Sam was speaking to a friend about love, relationships and vulnerability. The over all podcast left me tingling with an a lovely energy, because these two men were sharing their hearts. They were stripping down to their bare assed souls and revealing how exhausting relationships can be.

Nawh, it was more than that. (slow sigh) The friend Sam was interviewing, while in his thirties, had a fabulously wonderful job as a sexual healer. His job was touching and giving physical intimacy to women. It was interesting to hear that he was exhausted at the end of everyday.

Perhaps he was giving too much of himself away. (We can talk about setting boundaries and being grounded in another blog.) However, as an older man reflecting back on his experiences, it sounded like he had checked all the physicalness and examined the sexual body facet of that diamond so completely that it wasn’t about that anymore.
Perhaps now it was more about “enlightenment”.

(Pausing…letting the energy tell me what to type next.)
Lately, I have been learning about “Wabi Sabi”. Maybe you have heard of it. It is a Japanese phrase that means celebrating the imperfections of something. (i.e., a cracked vase.)
Or maybe someone snoring or someone leaving wet towels upon the bathroom floor. We don’t miss the snoring or the wet towels until that person dies. Then - we would pay anything to have those annoyances back.
So maybe we are all realizing that pretty painted facade isn’t that important after all. Maybe being strong and healthy with an incredible spirit is what we are all looking for in others.

I do know we can all love and be open to love. We can overlap one another, (like the art) and no- the arm of one of the wiggles does not line up completely, and that is okay. 

So, when all is said and done: "We keep going.” That is Sam Lamott’s wisdom. Not mine. I like that. We crawl sometimes, and sometimes we run, (I am paraphrasing.) The point is we don’t give up.

Thank you Sam and your sex friend for an interesting bit of magic. We truly are ALL more connected than we know. Keep shining Sam!!

We all know things happen in threes. (It is that old Trinity thing again, dang it! It keeps popping up!) Thank you for taking the time to learn about Sam’s “How to be human.” podcast. And thank you for continuing to support my art. One day, I swear I will make prints and y’all will have something to remember me by.
(Hugging you tight) I adore you.

(Just so you know- I write on the fly…Whatever makes the fingers zoom over the keyboard-I type. I don’t edit. But y’all know that already.)

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