Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mission MOVE!

Art by Judith Parsons Art 2019 San Francisco

Good morning Love.

I have 9 packages that will be moved.  3 small square boxes, one flat-ish box, 4 large suit cases and one very cumbersome large box. Nine compartmentalized containers.

3 to the third power.

The ultimate Trinity. Don’t get hung up on the word Helen. (Waving)  It is okay. We all have attachments to words, to what something means. As I wrote that I could see a shard of mirrored glass stuck into the ground. Perhaps stuck in a rut, where a wheelbarrow rolls over.

If you have experience with wheelbarrows and/or ruts, then you are my sort of soul. Wheelbarrows were designed to carry a heavy load. Maybe that is my totem icon, the wheelbarrow. (I am laughing at that idea.)

I am not certain if today’s children even know what a wheelbarrow is. I grew up in the country, my dad had gardens and it inspired me at an early age to dig up my mother’s daffodils and run inside showing her my harvest of onions. I do not think she was pleased at all.

Sorry. This is the truest me. All over the place. Sarah (waving- calls it squirreling ) That would be me. Twenty thoughts all at once trying to jump upon the screen. 

Words have this competition, they are animated and alive, they vie for attention. Like pitiful hungry toddlers all wanting to get to the first of the cake line. 

Back to the move.

I abhor moving. Perhaps the saddest part of moving is evaluating what one is made of. It is all right there -- in your face. Clothing that never has been particularly stylish. More garden fashion than anything. My art, THERE- that would be the real me…my art is heavenly. So I am carefully moving bits and pieces of myself. Determined to throw away anything that doesn’t bring tears to my eyes.

I have sketch pads galore that are going in the trash. 5 years of pads of drawing and books of drawings that were whims of a thought. I have fleeting thoughts of wall papering a wall with the collage of the past 5 years of drawings. Geometry, trinity man, book of Kells lions, swirls upon swirls of lines designed with nothing better than releasing the drawing from my mind, so my mind might calm down before bed.

There you have it Love. My mind is very complicated, dyslexic for sure, up-side down and backwards definitely!! 

Though, academia saved me. For all of you instructors out there who do not believe in giving “A’s”…stop that shite. In a world where there is no validation that is real. Academia should be that place- where work put in- from day one of class- to work put in at end of semester shows improvement. In a world where you put in the work- you should get the grade- is important- GIVE the A.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, where we called one another names. In the time I grew up- there was no "PC politeness". School was where I got validation. I worked my ass off in any class I ever took. Oh- and art school is NOT easy. It is physically demanding. One must do ALL of art these days, sculpt it and then photograph it and then market it with your own press releases.

Margaret Keelan, and DJ (hugging you around the neck) YOU understood how crucial that A was to me. Thank you from the jumbled up bottom of my heart. I adore you both.

You might think art is difficult to grade. It isn’t. You know who the work horses are. You know who is staying at school until the security people push them out the door. YOU know who is striving and thriving on the process and making of art. Does it fit the gallery standards? Ha! What the hell is that anyway?

Oh- this was supposed to be about moving. I suppose it is. I am leaving San Francisco. I came to this magnificent town because Lawrence, who was associated with Lucas films and Star Wars was the director at Academy of the Art University. I was intrigued by “the force”. I desired my Master of Fine Art and secured it! I know the ways with the digital laser and intend to create brilliant art.

There you have it- my silly reason for moving across the country. Silly!

I am leaving with the force securing tucked into my belt. I have it, like a pair of super energized magical power gloves. When I decide to slide them on- watch out- there are lightning bolts of art being created.

I have HUGE design of art to be made in New Orleans! I have glass blowing and metal art to create, and mosaics…ooooooh the new art that will be made!

I need a studio, I need a fabulous place to create. I would also love a gallery upon which you can come visit and peruse my new art which will be made.

Wish me luck sweet Loves!! New Orleans lets make great art together!! Wooohoooooo!!!

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