Thursday, February 14, 2019

It is the overlapping connections.

"Overlapping connections" by Judith Parsons Art 2019 

Here goes. Rambling about over lapping connections.

The dots in each oval shape are from the connections of a very detailed piece of art. (see yesterdays art in Instagram: JudithParsonsArt55555)

Each square where 2 lines cross create an energy.

The awakened aware self feels, senses, and "knows" when a connection is REAL.

Yesterday as I was leaving the pool, a woman was swimming and our eyes connected and I smiled at her and we both said hello. It was such a genuine smile that I commented: "Such a lovely smile."
She replied: "Because it is real."

I laughed and did a little "Wooohoooooo!" and smiled the rest of the evening. It was a simple connect, yet a lovely lightning bolt of realness.

There you have it. A small blog about connections. The art is what I love. Five womb shape rings, rotated and rotated and duplicated. Playing with connections, learning to be aware. Being aware of love for the sake of love. Connecting because we all share lovely energy!

Keep shining! And remember to sing. And resist being a bitch- just coz you can. No one wants that drama. Keep it to yourself...examine and be aware and smile...just coz you can.

Love you all. Keep being REAL!

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