Thursday, February 21, 2019

Creatively heal with an Art Church.

Technology today allows for the creative mind to flow non stop. However, we need chill time. Time to float upon the surface of nothing and just listen to our heart beat.

When I am swimming I become one with the bubble. I stretch out my spine, I give it some much needed rest. I elongate the disc that constantly have weight upon them.

The art created starts from this fluidity. The composition lower down is something I have been experimenting with the abstract LOTUS .

Every single day I create and create. Taking favorite shapes combining them, playing with their rotation, distorting them, transforming them endlessly.

I love doing it for a few hours every single morning.
Maybe you have thought about the lotus flower. Maybe you have deconstructed it and constructed it many times. Each peddle is its own boat.  I love the leaf shape. It sits elegantly upon the surface, twilling swirling spinning about happily on its own.
We can be apart of something larger and magnificent or we can be the single leaf alone.

I would like for all of us to join together. Create ART in a spiritual realm. Let us make a huge mosaic and build an art studio chapel and decorate the wall of our church with our own creations.

Yesterday, Oprah had a video clip about deciding what is is we want. Make the decision, say it clearly out loud, declare it and own it. I suppose I am doing that now. I would like your support universe to help me create a magical magnificent spirit art place upon which we can create art.

Step one declaring our desires. Done.

We shall develop together, growing and becoming a healing place for art.

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