Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dancing to the wild drumming!!

I walk into my room and open my window…Aw-w-w-w-w- the wild drumming of China town. I smile and start doing my own wild woman version of African dancing. Picture a silver haired woman lifting knees high up into the air, picture her also shaking her hips every time the drum rings out…picture me laughing.
I can not tell you why, or what has happened. Perhaps it is finally accepting San Francisco as my home now. I have a routine that is familiar, I am learning my way around town. 
In fact, I am so proud of myself, getting from China town all the way out to Lake Merced via bus and subway!

I have become one of the runners —thrilled to catch a bus. It is true San Francisco will make you strong. Either from walking up hills or running after buses. One way or another, you WILL become stronger.

My little junior Captains sigh heavily when I bring up the subject. Become stronger, taking responsibility for your body. Many of them want to capsize their sailboat, they do, then at the end of the day, they discuss their adventure.

 “What was the hardest thing to figure out?” I ask them.

“Getting back into the boat.” Is always their response. Hm-m-m-m-m-m. 
Then I ask why. And they admit, they are tired and too weak to raise themselves out of the water.

Eureka! We have come to a glorious moment. This is when I suggest, perhaps they start doing some basic strengthening exercises. Next summer I expect them to be stronger. 

They will be.

Every thing is energy, it pushes us gently at first, then it settles upon us, the idea cultivates and finally we accept life as is or we make changes. There is doing or not doing. And both are equally important.

I work really hard and I play really hard. When I work- I expect everybody to be just as productive. When I play, like now, taking the time to write you, my sweet Luvs, then I truly play. Speaking of which- I am going to keep dancing to the wild drumming outside my window!!

May you find time to dance—smile—laugh and be a little crazy!!

Wooooooohoooooo!! Life Is fabulous!

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