Friday, July 24, 2015

Red-tail messages!! Wooohoooo!!

Ages ago, while working at the Monterey Herald newspaper, I worked with a lovely friend, Jill Jackson (waving) who introduced me to “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sans and David Carson. 

At lunch one day we walked outside and sat underneath the trees. I remember pulling the salmon card. I remember the sun upon her face, I remember her reading the words. It has stayed with me for many years.

You probably have heard me mention the lessons. Well, this morning while talking with Anita (waving) we pulled two cards. She pulled the butterfly, which means transformation and I pulled the salmon, which means wisdom/inner knowing. I haven’t pulled the salmon in a long time. Every blue moon it would appear, but generally speaking— I just haven’t pulled it.

All day long people have been posting butterfly sort of posts. A metal sculpture, a lovely poem about a woman awakening with butterfly wings and another lovely post about the gentleness of love being like a butterfly. I love it when these signs happen, it is as if the universe is agreeing with us and letting us know we are indeed transforming.

Today at the lake, there was a glorious red tail hawk that kept appearing.  The red tail hawk is my favorite totem animal. I dreamed a giant hawk carried me into the sun ages ago. I have picked up red-tail hawks that have been killed by cars, and made them into metal sculptures.

Today, I felt like the red-tail hawk was trying to tell me something. She flew over to the tree right beside me, looked directly at me and was singing her notes to me. I looked up and addressed her: “Hello Beautiful.” She turned her head like she was listening and kept singing to me. 

I sang back and thanked her for visiting me. ALL DAY LONG..I kept wondering what in God’s green earth the hawk was telling me…THEN it hit me…My nephew’s wife was due. So I checked his Facebook page and sure enough—THEY had a babe girl!!

WhewWeeee!!! That hawk was God’s messenger, telling me that a new important energy was born into this world. I am grinning as I write this. I know my mom, Annette Anderson, is pleased to high heaven, that she is remembered by her grandson. I imagine Annette has been singing her heart out in celebration, letting all the angels know about this new energy!!

Welcome to the world little Freyja Annette Anderson!! May you be grounded with roots that keep you strong, may you have wings that take you into the sun and may you have a heart that is fragile and vulnerable enough to write poetry and a heart strong enough to withstand life’s tough lessons.

I believe in the energy of love and light. I think we ALL are connected like strings of energy. We criss-cross and connect and are weaving a safety net of love between us all.

The red-tail hawk was my sign that I am on the right track. Just keep forging ahead, keep creating art that sings, like that magnificent red-tail hawk…Keep soaring sweet loves…

We got this!! 

Happy Friday! A great day to be born!

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