Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Daddies and iced coffee

Iced coffee graphic created by Judith Parsons 2015
Thank you google images for the photo.
Happy Tuesday Beautiful Friends and Family!

We all know one of the major perks of going camping is coming home and appreciating how good your tiny little apartment is. Less is more these days. As I was dumping my plastic ice tray of frozen cubes into a bag, it occurred to me how I was coming full circle.

As a child most of us used ice trays. The automatic ice maker was something my parents bought after I went to college. So, for most of my life- if I desired a icy cold beverage it required breaking open a tray of ice cubes. 

I bought a plastic old fashioned ice cube tray. My apartment in San Francisco is an older building, it has no elevator nor does it have newer freezers with automatic ice makers.

It is a simple thing, modern conveniences, air conditioning, ice makers, elevators, and screened windows. I am laughing at my list. Yet, opening that tray of ice made me feel really RICH. It is the simplest of luxuries, my European friends don’t understand my obsession with ice.

I can remember my father drinking his iced coffee, the sugar would settle at the bottom of the glass. He would pick up his glass and swirl the ice around. It is so clear in my minds eye. It brings tears to my eyes. God, how I miss him.

That was the best part, the last swallows of iced coffee, all sugary and yummy. I made ice coffee in celebration of my ice tray and my dad, I smiled and hummed the song “Summertime” the song my father taught me.

You remember the words: 
“Summertime and the living is easy… cat fish are jumpin and the cotton is high. 
Oh, your daddy is rich and your mom is good looking. Hush little baby -don’t you cry.

One of these mornings, you are gonna rise up singing…
You’ll spread your wings and you will take to the sky.
Until this morning, there is nothing can harm you,
With daddy and momma standing by.”

I imagined you sang along in your head, as you read the words. I raise my iced coffee to the simple things, to daddies singing to their daughters, to sugar at the body of your ice coffee to those sweet sugary last gulps of paradise.

It is the simple things.

Woooohooooo!! Soaring!!

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