Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Next floor up!! (Passed mid-point review!!!)

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015
Design for sculpture.
The needle has hit the bullseye!!!

Thank the Dear Lord! I passed my mid-point review!!!

Let us all lift our hands into the air and sing our praises to the heavens!!

I am so thrilled to be entering the second half of my graduate degree. I love the Academy of the Arts University in San Francisco!! Lawrence Noble is an amazing Director!! Margaret Keelan and Barry Baldwin attended my review and I am honored and thrilled to know them and work beside them upon my Spiritual Quest to become a Masters of Art in Sculpture.

I am focusing on perfection and precision. I am hitting the bullseye with the needle of my compass. I am also weaving in others fabrics of light into my own. It is what we do- we assimilate, we take new knowledge and add it to our previous cognitive river. We FLOW into one another, we sew our safety nets of love and light into and around one another.

WE are Woven into one another…by thought and love.

We are light.

We are love.

We are lingering touches.

We are laughter.

We are LEARNING!!!

Everything is a lesson/ blessing!!!!

Wooohoooooo!!! I love you are!! LIFE is  a miracle!! I am soaring beside you all!

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