Monday, June 8, 2015

Catching dreams!

Graphic image created especially for this blog
By Judith Parsons Art 2015
I saw this image of a dream catcher and was immediately transported into the family car, with my children driving down the highway. We spent tremendous amounts of time driving in that car. 

The dream catcher we made, it hung from the rear-view mirror.  I bought little kits from Tandy leather and my children and I made them when they were very young.

The medicine card lessons were a big part of my self help awareness as a young parent. The children would see an animal cross their path and they’d run in asking what it meant. I would pull out David Carson and Jamie Sans book, Medicine Cards, and we would look up the animal.

In Louisiana there were lots of rabbits (fear), lizards (the dreamer), snakes (transformation), deer (gentleness) and herons (reflections) that crossed our paths. There were a few black birds, (I was never certain if it was a raven or a crow) that would talk to me regularly. In one pine tree, right outside my front door. I would say good morning and he would sing back his cawing reply. 

I would respond: “Is that so?” and I would get a few notes back. And then I would bid him farewell. He seemed to know it was time to go. And he would fly and I would return to the task at hand.

My children are sensitive to animals now. Last winter, a deer kept crossing my sons path. I was thrilled the morning he called asking me again what it's lesson was. Last year my daughter told me about a great white owl crossing her path and her friends and her were stunned into silence as it flew by. She called all excited to tell me and to discuss the meanings.

From a life time of being around me with those lessons, they know what animals mean what. Everything really is a lesson waiting to be learned. 

The red tail hawk is my personal favorite. It seems to show up exactly when I need an omen to keep going and keep soaring!

Rambling about nothing…about catching dreams…always driving toward them. It is time to let them catch up to me. I will sit still and breathe. 

I expect miracles. 

Today is going to be a fabulous day!!!

Soar sweet Luvs!! We got this! We are making dreams come true! 

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