Saturday, June 13, 2015

Port and Starboard

Original one of a kind glass art,
 created by Judith Parsons. (2015)

This week was an amazing week! I casted my first glass art at Bullseye glass. Here you see my latest and greatest pieces of art from my graduate studies in San Francisco. 

 It has been a long time coming, this desire to cast glass. 15 years ago I fell head over heels in love with glass, working under Mary White at San Jose State University. She forever changed me!  (((Mary White, if you see this—please I would love to thank you and buy you dinner!)))

It has taken time to build upon my skills, to relearn the multifaceted aspects of glass. I finally have the images all coming together to create my mid-point thesis. 

Patience is an incredible friend to have while creating art. Art does not come to me in one big picture. Or if it does I change that picture a millions times before creating the art. 

Art asked to be done in puzzle pieces. It is if the highest part of me, hears the whispers of God, do this one piece, then this next piece, and then in a year they all come together in a sculpture.

Ms. Patience and Mr. Time sit upon either side of me, we are in the rocking chairs of the future. The wind blows the gray moss hanging in the southern trees.

Patience, She is an elegant woman, with high cheek bones, her eyes sparkle and her smile melts me. She pats my hand and tells me I have done well by her.

Time, He chuckles, he is handsome in his suit for the next realm. He winks at me, we all have white hair and he says: “You have never cared for numbers, yet, you do the most incredible Sacred geometry. I will never figure you out.”

We all laugh.

I stand and hold out my hands to both of them. “Would you care to dance?”

Then, we do. Life is incredible! Find your passion!!
If you can see it, then you can believe in it…then the miracles start happening!!


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