Thursday, June 4, 2015

Please don't forget me.

Diane, a fabulous soul sister posted a video that made me cry.  

I have lived through much in my 54 years upon this planet. I have fiercely loved with ALL of my being. I have made friends with many many loves, moving over and over again. Hating each move. WISHING that I could KEEP you close to me.

There are a few people who KNOW intense passion, you know who you are in my life. 

We have looked deep into one another and found a transcendent enlightenment in our love. I watched the video and gulped the tears.

Here are some of the lyrics:
There she was like a picture- she was just herself...She had not forgotten his name.
Thinking back to last time...tried his best to forget her. 

She looked up and there the man she LOVED intensely many moons ago was sitting in front of her. They both knew, you can see it in their eyes. THEY knew they messed up horribly. They walked away from a LOVE that WAS heaven upon earth.
It was a sacred divine love.
That, at that time, neither one knew how to carry for one another.

I wished I knew then what I know now.

I have been talking with a girl friend who is trying to learn a new love. She wants passion. She wants a fierce love. I listen to her and gulp. She is wondering, how much should she invest into a love that already she is crazy about? Yet, it isn’t everything she wants it to be. She doesn’t want the negativity, or the drama or the pain. Yet….yet…something about this relationship makes her stay. 

She wonders, if she will destroy the love, because she will try to make it what she wants it to be. And we all know -that never works. If I only knew all this—back then. 

Freedom. We all want a love that is F-R-E-E. Yet we want a safe place to rest, a nest that is cradled between branches. Where the winds of life won’t  harm us. I understand completely where my friend is. It is funny, because her story is the same an another girl friends.

We want more for our love, we want them to BE more. We don’t ever want to feel we are “settling”. It is a glorious word, because with that whole “settling” we become grounded. With settling we grow roots. With settling we are safe to soar in our FREEDOM because we know—they will be waiting with magnificent open arms and cradling bosoms.

Yes, You know who you are. (sighing) We could have been so incredible. We weren’t ready to carry that intense love for one another.

We grow. We change. We love…and keep loving..and hope they never forget our name.

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