Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mask and amazing children...

A few years back...My Blue dog students in Folsom...Showing
off their amazing talents!! By Judith Parsons
For two years, before my divorce, when I still had money….I worked on my Master degree in Special Education. It was the only masters degree within driving distance. I took the challenge, I discovered a magnificent magical lost layer of society.

It was a journey that was heart breaking. I messaged my professors many times, asking how on earth they managed what they did.
As I dived deep into the silent realm of challenged students…I was also teaching art to fifth graders. I got the higher end, the extra special stellar ones that were above average…and I got the challenged students. That I felt were floating upon the surface of education.

There was one young girl who stood out in my mind, her linguistic skills were suffering. I could not understand her for the life of me, it was as if her tongue was swollen. Her friends translated for me most of the time. 
I will never forget, I was teaching the children how to use plaster strips. It was a messy fun job. The 5 children are ready to apply their plaster strips upon their cardboard frames, when one of the young boys- decides- he just can NOT do it. It is way way way took messy for him.
The young girl who I mentioned before- the one who had language challenges took his art project and did his work and her work—-BOTH at the same time. She moved like lightning.
I watched her in awe. She WAS in her element!!
The young boy whom was not getting near the plaster also was in awe. We watched as she moved faster than any of the other students.

I wonder what happened to her..if she ever found her voice…

Education is an incredible thing to watch…step back..let art take over. Be amazed!!!

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