Monday, June 15, 2015

Sailing canvas!

The canvas takes me away--the dream--it carries me.
Art created by Judith Parsons.
(Image from google images) I will take photos tomorrow!
I promise!

Soon- I will be free! Aw-w-w-w- the song of Christopher Cross. He sings as I write this.

I have to cut in and do a family annoucement. Even though, we are not together anymore. I want Rost, Margaret, David-- to go to the you-tube songs and listen and  rest for a minute. Think back on all those glorious sailing moments. I miss you all--even you Rost..and love the hell out of you!

Now, back to the present!

There is much to Love about mentoring young ones. First, I admitted to the little Captains that I was 54 years old. I was old enough to be their grandma.

Think about the energy that weaves around them, as they contemplate—“Whoa- that crazy woman just told us she is old as the hills.”

Let it sink in.

Let the waters clear, let the silt of that statement settle. Then- look up into the sky, smile and let all the labels fall away. 
Becoming stronger everyday is about you looking in the mirror, feeling stronger.

Stronger. That is the world. Not- it isn’t a typo, not word…but “world” …Ooooo - love that the letter “L” is that one special letter…between word and world.
(grinning) No one but you...can make you stronger. Period.
It is simple. 
You do it...or you don't.
Don't come crying to me when at 90 years old- I am running up a mountain and you are in a wheelchair. I want to slide into the next realm doing wonderfully exciting activities! (wink)

I desire to become stronger so I can lift the sail boats upon the deck, and some of them leak. So yeah, my back was screaming at me..and yeah- I am on a heating pad. However, tomorrow, I will be back at it...Letting the wind take me. 


Today, halfway into our program, the lovely Captains took a 20 minute break. I asked them about their fears, most worried about going over board, and capsizing. I nodded and assessed their worries, we talked about letting the wind loose…if you fear you are going too fast, let the “main sheet out”..Loosen the grip, let the sail luff.

Just go into neutral for a wee bit. Just relax. Let go...Relax...just flow!

Gather the sheets back in, s-l-o-w-ly…I blink away the tears as I write about today-there was a moment when I said: “God’s breath blows us along the water…it is magical. Listen to the water against the hull.”


Pure perfect divine silence.

Everyone was taking those words in…I felt it—we all felt it. Talk about a miracle moment!!

I “wooooohooooed” and we went out for round 2 on the water….God knows those children are amazing!

I live a charmed life!!


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