Thursday, December 10, 2015

Birthday wish

Can you see the birthday candles?
Perhaps it is a bit much.
Original illustration and photograph by
Judith Parsons 2015
If you know me, then you know my birthday wish. It is the same: “May all your birthday candle wishes come true. Happy Birthday.”

My mother was great about making me feel extra special on my ONE day of the year. She would put a bow upon my chair, and I had a special chair all day long. She made what ever we loved for dinner, and we ALWAYS had a birthday cake with candles. I try to make sure the people I love get cake that we can put candles in.

There is something incredible about wishing upon a candle. To have another person sing the birthday song is an extra bonus, however…Even if you are alone, You MUST get yourself a cake or cupcake, and put a candle in it. YOU must!!

You see, the angels have told me, there is a special place for birthday candle wishes in the magical world of wishes and Love. The highest part of you, the part that has kept you going, kept you smiling, and kept you intuitive -- really wants to wish with you. She/He will whisper along with you, insuring that your wishes come true!

My girl-friend in Ireland had a birthday today. All day long I thought about her and wished for her some extra special loving. And I was thrilled to learn that her marvelous family visited her and stopped in to wish her a happy birthday. It makes my heart warm and happy to know they cared. 

(smiling sigh) Thank you!!!! Woooooohooooooo!! I love and adore your family!

The angel with the rose wreath around her head was really happy!! She had found her home!! There is exquisite energy in sharing another’s birthday. To give a gift that reminds us of Love. We are blessed to share in the candle ceremony with another. It strengthens our safety net of love. We are stronger for it. 

I can see her closing her eyes for a brief second, making her wish…and then smiling. I can see her blowing out the candles…Even though I am in San Francisco, and she is half way around the world. I can see the smoke rise, the wishes riding the smoke, the smoke tickling the the feet of God…and God grinning and granting her the wishes she asked for.

We are all connected!! Love is action…Love is doing… Love is amazing.

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