Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sacred Geometry River

The Sacred Geometry River

If I were to ask you what is sacred, what would you say?

I can finally stand and say one thing that I know for certain, without a doubt. 

When you teach a child, you are forever changing the world. 

I had to go back into teaching swimming at the YMCA to realize just how incredible the role of teaching is. The family is connected to you, woven into you through their desire for their child to be happy. You and the parents want the same, you desire for the child to thrive and flourish!

We are complicated, a kaleidoscope of emotions, ideas and desires. We are all connected here, by magical words that flow and float. The river washes away the old, the joy of learning and growing is what the seed of life is about. 

That organic leaf shape, is the vesicle piscis, it is also called the fish bladder. I can’t help but grin at how the lesson over lay and swirl and whirl around me.

I am creating art work that I will offer as a reward for supporting my future kick- starter project. The first project will be a book.  I hope you all keep me in mind for the future.

My life project will be creating an ART school and healing center in Ireland. YES!! I have said it. I have planted the seed of the future here, with you. There will be a place for you to make art-- and stay. A place you can learn Reiki and learn to heal yourself. Ireland is a magical place, perfect for a healing arts center!

I look forward to 2016!!! May we all soar and shine!! Let us leave the negative behind. Let us find the connections that fling us into the sun!!

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