Monday, December 14, 2015

Hawk messenger

Illustration created by Judith Parsons. 2015. The photo of the hawk rotated to create awesome wreath of feathers.
The messenger. Yesterday as I was walking to school, down Columbus, I looked up at St. Peter and St. Paul's cathedral beside Union park. The bells were ringing, it was 2 o’clock and I could not believe my eyes. A huge hawk was perched upon the steeple. I stopped and stared.
The bells were ringing and I was in awe. 
It is rare to see hawks in the city. The messenger, it was a great sign for me. Things are all coming together…to-get-her. I love that word.

Last night coming home on the bus, a woman was standing waiting for the bus with me. She was an artist in Hawaii, she came back to San Francisco for the culture. We shared briefly our journeys. She asked me why I was here, I told her about my quest to find myself, through acquiring my Masters in Sculpture. We both laughed about that statement. Originally she was waiting on the 8 bus, I told her it was a few blocks down. I usually catch that one when I do a grocery run. So she joined me upon the bus. She pulled out a post card and handed it to me. It was a print of a fish, she made art for 40 years. She asked me to call her, that it was hard to find older artist women in the city. I totally agreed!

I will call her. She is interesting, intriguing. Life is a wonderful mystery.

Take chances with life, listen to your heart, reach out and love a little. It is okay to love lots of people. It is okay to to sing and sashay—shine and s-o-a-r!

The hawk is the messenger of good things to come. There is magic in the air. There is much to be thankful for. When the bells toll...look up...see magic.

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