Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Over and over again

Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
Yes, I know it is not is like that sometimes.
Sometimes, we have holes (holy) ...some times life
comes out of left field...It just is...The eyes have it.
Over and over again.
I have been writing a blog for the 2 years I have been attending graduate school. I started writing to first, see if I could. Then second, to improve as a writer. I am blessed to have you all read me. You comment and put a thumbs up. And along the way I have fallen in love over and over again. 

I love people who put themselves out here. The open book sort of folks- you know, you have seen the Facebook posts about how we take photos of our meals, what we have been creating, our pets…and then they complain that this isn’t a normal relationship. They make judgements that say we should not walk up to someone on the street and blurt out all we have done in the last 5 hours.

I say, go right ahead. Tell me all that you have done, all that you want…I will slurp my coffee on this side of my screen while you slurp your coffee. Then there will be days that I complain about a cold and feel like crap-o-la-cola…and you might not hear about that, just because I hate complaining out loud. I suffer in silence mostly. Well—there are one or two folks that hear my poor-pitiful me cries. But, generally speaking I try to keep my post on the up beat side.

It is the way of the world, selfies and instant photos and videos capturing the good, the bad and the ugly. We are crossing borders in every way. The color of ones skin doesn’t matter as much as your negative posts and your over all energy.

In the end, we all bleed the same color blood. It is a simple ideal notion. We are all one. We can be. Yes, there are those that are savage hateful horrible people, maybe there will always be. I can pray that one day, even they will see the light— maybe when they hold their child in their arms, maybe then they will look far ahead down futures path and realize the killing must stop.

Sorry, didn’t mean to preach. 

We are all magnificent light reflecting off our mirrored hearts. We can gather and combine in love and light, and become more. Stronger and better everyday. Looking toward and forward a safe and serene place for our future babies.

May you find a warm sunny spot today to melt in the light.
May your highest self hold you and caress you and heal you.

May we all fall in love with one another over and over again.

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