Friday, December 4, 2015

Connected teaching peace

I found the design of the words on was a
photograph of "teach peace" on a white wooden wall.
I took the idea and recreated it using photoshop.
Art by Judith Parsons 2015.
Goood morning Beautiful and Wise Friends! Picture me pulling you into my arms for a huge swaying hug. Feel my arms wrapped around you and we are standing for a moment in the warm sunlight. The breeze is perfect and we are perfect. Just for a second or two let yourself breathe in a hug…Let your shoulders relax as you know you are loved.
Just relax and sigh…and melt in the sun for a moment…and smile.

Smile at the power of the mind…at the power of imagination…at the power of connected-ness. The energy of Facebook is astounding. We willing are able to slurp coffee on opposite sides of the United States (or the world) and connect. While you are reading this I am on the other side of the computer screen—sipping coffee….okay…”slurping” really is the word needed to describe my half asleep morning routine.

I awakened extra early and went scrolling strolling through Facebook lane…And I saw some incredible post on Margaret Keelan’s (waving) wall…and then I found a friend of hers, who is also an artist…and I went strolling scrolling through her wall. Her name is Stella Strippeypants (waving)…AND I found some incredible posts on her wall…and I have shared them on my wall…and we became friends.

This is Shelley's cool wall: CLICK here

This image: “Teach Peace” came from those connections this morning. I connected the dots, followed my heart…followed the dots…connected them all…I was so inspired that I created this awesome piece of art work. I then took that art work and swirled it…I am on a swirling kick lately…(chuckling at that thought) 

The swirling spinning twirling dervish of graphic design…(smiling at that silly image in my head) I am an artist…I write, I ramble, I connect the dots … and I hug lots of folks…and I believe LOVE is changing as we change…As we connect all over the world—the love we share spills out from out finger tips…our lives are changing because of these incredible connects.

You are wonderful that you are reading these words. I adore the heck out of you for reading my words. In fact, I am going to send you something…I haven’t figured it out yet…However, I will send you a gift…of some sort—just for reading my words today…Just because.

Send me an e-mail:
Please on the subject line put “blog connect” and if you really want something—send me your snail mail address…
It will be something I made…

And it gives me an idea of who reads my blogs—or linked in ramblings….
I adore you guys—-I really do!!

What a fabulous hugger you are!! (grinning) I adore hugs!!

See you later!!!! Wooooooohoooooooooooo!!! Life is amazing!!


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  1. Hugging and waving back Jude!!! I love your connected ramblings...and the disconnects as well!!!