Monday, December 21, 2015


Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
Do not use without permission
What a fun filled day yesterday! I was in the pool with little young beginner swimmers that went from not wanting to put their face in the water—to them wanting to sit upon the bottom of the pool. Then I headed to my favorite artist, tool God and played with metal.


I started with the design you see…It started with a simple “wo-man” concept. The center of the o was the bullseye. The center for rotation. The “W” spins around the “O” creating and joining the two different words. Making them one.

Megan Larman got married yesterday. I have seen photographs and imagine it was a magical memory making day. Two young loves joined. I remember years ago, the young lovers beside the bon fire. It is nice to see them becoming one, together. Man and woman love enough to make the commitment of marriage. Congratulations sweet young Loves! May you talk! Talk! TALK! May you always spew out your pains to one another so the vulnerabilities stay between you both.

The lines between man and woman have blurred over the years.The ideas and roles of who stays home with the children and who leaves the house is an interesting shifting scenario. What we were 10 years ago we are no longer.

The graphic image tries to become steps, but these steps aren’t rigid. They are skewed and warped and weaving and waving and flowing into themselves. The man and woman flowing as we all cross borders wanting the same glorious love.

Enjoy the flow today. Play the music. GO find a friend to play in the garage with, to bend metal and hammer out art with. Or just play music and dance!!! Enjoy!!!

Wooooohooooo!!! Life really is grand!!

Happy Lunar New Year! Merry Christmas! Much Love!

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