Monday, December 7, 2015

I am your wild card!

Illustration by Judith Parsons 2015

In the business world, there is always a person who is the 
“go to”
 person. The person that seems to think upon a realm so “out of the box” that you are confident when you bring your problem to her... She will give you so many potential solutions that your head is swimming with what to do.

I am your thinking outside of the box, 
“heaven on earth” solution.

Come, (patting space beside me) lets discuss what 
I can do

You nod, gulp, and we both smile at one another. 

Let us get down to the heart of the challenge. What exactly would you like to do? Lets define the issue - let us ask the questions so thoroughly that you really know what you desire.

Only when we KNOW all that we want to —can we look for the answers.

It is as simple as looking for the buried treasure. We just look. We know it is out we get the metal detector and search. 

The problem arises when we don’t “Know” what we are searching for. It is quintessential to asses and evaluate what you desire.

Everybody on Facebook is looking for Love in all the wrong places. I am going to hold a mirror up and ask you a personal question. Look at yourself as you are now, would you go out on a date with you?

If you hesitated at all- then you might want to work on you a bit. I am taking the next year to become stronger in every way. I am going to work on my muscles, and yoga and swimming. When I go for the job interview in a year- I want to be the most exquisite “whoa” that walks in the room.

I am creating art to use for my business cards, and my book. I am going to start a kick-started project and ask for your support toward publishing a book. Yep. We are all connected together. We are friends and loves and all of us WANT more. So give me more. 

Enough sitting on the sofa drinking your beer, complaining…Start writing out your list of what your buried treasure looks like. You are stunning. You are strong. Well, you used to be. You have forgotten yourself lately.

Come on, let me assist and help motivate you to be all you can be. This is the time Love, I am gearing up for making art in Italy! I am gearing up for a magnificent job. Right now, I have not a clue who I will work for…I don’t know who I will be working for… However I plan to be with  a million dollar company earning a six-digit income. 

In a year, you will want me.You will.

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