Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Red Cape

Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
I walk into the coliseum of my mind. The thinking men cheer when I walk in! Two men stand holding the red velvet cape and drape it over my shoulders. They take my arms and walk beside me to a table that is 50 feet in length.There are 25 candles lit, with glass hurricane lanterns to protect them from the night wind.

Every one stands up and starts clapping, Everyone of you is draped with your red velvet cape of royalty! We are all Kings and Queens here, in this space and place in my minds eye. we are ALL equal. The thinking men are also draped in their red velvet capes. Everyone is dressed to the nines. Tuxedoes and elegant gowns. Sparkling diamonds and studded cuff links are reflecting the candle light. The silverware and china reflect the gorgeous flickering candles.

You are beautiful, when you smile. I can see you. Yes, you. I wink and grin, and we both nod. Thank you for loving this place Dear. Thank you for asking that I come back here. I have missed the thinking men of the coliseum.

I see all of you! Thank you for being here in my minds coliseum. My beloved sisters and brothers of Love! I see my best tree climbing friend and her family, all my church choir friends, my high school friends, the women who run with the wolves friends, my long time military connected friends, artist friends, the welding and blacksmith friends, the glass artist friends, the mold making friends…and my new Facebook loves!

What a glorious gathering in my minds eye. I raise my champagne flute and salute you all! You have worked hard on becoming your best self. You have persisted and kept working at becoming your highest self. It is a work in progress…it is. There is nothing that comes easy, without much hard and diligent work. I respect you, because you work hard.

SO tonight we play hard! We strike up band…we dance and swirl and we laugh. 

I adore you sweet friends! The thinking men adore you too! (grinning) 2016 is going to rock!! We are all connected in Love and Light!

Wooohoooooooo!!! Soaring…singing…sashaying…smiling and shining beside you all!!

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