Monday, December 28, 2015

San Francisco Gathering

Having my daughter and son visit for Christmas was astounding. I had forgotten how they bounce off of one another, the positive energies ricocheting like old fashioned rubber balls. I was young with them here, laughing and singing and letting their love and light carry me along their bouncing bubbles of euphoric electricity.

The image of my son laughing, is when he decided to grab me and tell me to get closer. It was a spontaneous magical moment, it practically brings tears to my eyes…and I am so glad Margaret captured that special “Kodak” moment. We should all have Luvs, who grab us and pull us into them! Thank you David for that incredible unforgettable moment!

Star Wars was day one. I am vocal at the theater. If you hate going to a movie with someone who claps at great scenes, then please do not come with me. I clapped and yelled and wooooohooooo-ed at the great scenes. I loved every minute! The walk through the Stockton tunnel, was fabulous too! My daughter loves singing with me in that tunnel. If you hear crazy singing, it might just be me.

Christmas was fabulous! The books, the presents, ooooooooh the bracelet is stunning! (waving at Anita) and the shawl is perfect!!! (waving at Paddy)! Thank you Loves! 

THEN ICE SKATING!!! Wooohoooooo! I am young at heart! I am 30 years old in my body, I demand much from myself. However, it has been 30 years since I have ice skated. Truthfully, I had forgotten how hard the ice is…It hurts to fall. However, no bones broken. Just a few bruises. David was my hero!! THANK you Dave for letting me hold on to you! (grinning) Sorry for making you fall. I am still laughing at the event!! Great fun! It was lovely seeing you and Margaret glide around the ice rink! LOVED it!!

Next day the ballet, the Nutcracker! If you have never ever seen a ballet, go to that one. The set designs were cleverly done! I was in awe! I want to design and build and create art for the theater! Just wow!  There is something magical about dancers, the way they lift and leap and make me feel as if I too can leap and soar. Dance is an incredible art, it requires MUCH from the artist…makes me feel like I too can become more.

After the play we went out for drinks. Margaret is of drinking age now. It was our first family visit to a bar. David, Margaret and I went to a place that a friend recommended…the drinks were yum-m-m-m-m-y! The special “Chinese whiskey” was fabulous!

The next day, we went to breakfast at my favorite bakery in San Francisco! The Victorian Pastry Bakery, oh my Lord! We all got something different, cannoli, strawberry short cake and chocolate eclair. We all took bites and our eyes rolled up into our head in deeeeeeelight! 

We skipped over to the “City Lights” book store and spent hours perusing the lovely books. What a glorious bookstore! IF you love the old fashioned page turning book…then do yourself a favor and visit!

Then the pinnacle event, was eating at Mongolian Hot Pot. What fun!! They set a big pot of boiling broth right at the table and enjoy the experience of putting together the soup. You can decide on the type of broth you want to cook your food in, and then decide upon the ingredients that go into your lunch! We ate way too much and drank saki laughed and laughed! The scrumptious bubbly broth was amazing.

We drank lots of champagne — we became those euphoric  bubbles…soaring upward and making one another laugh with love. A great holiday! One for the record books!

2016 is going to ROCK and ROLL!

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