Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Art of Judy Hurley and John Thompson!!
How awesome to meet the read dear!!!


At the bus stop on Stockton, right before the tunnel I spot an older couple. The man is very caring and empathetic toward his wife, he helps her sit down and then he fetches her a bottled root beer. It is cold, unusually cold, and I am regretting leaving my toasty warm little nest.

The woman asked me how long I have lived in San Francisco and I tell her briefly about my quest to finish my MFA. She brightened up and smiled and told me that she too was an artist, and that her husband was too. A few buses came and I brushed them off, eager to hear more about these really awesome folks.

We asked what mediums and I finally located a pen and paper so she could write down her husband’s name. She said look up John Thompson the psychedelic artist. And he kept telling me about his wife, that her work was just as good- or better. 

He gingerly took her hand and they walked arm in arm toward the Stockton tunnel. I waved and finally caught my bus. When I got home, I looked them up and I about fainted. There two people are incredible artist!!
I am stunned by their portfolio of art work! They have lived lives as artist that most of us hunger and yearn for! I was blessed by this incredible alignment of space and time. Was this a mere coincidence? Nope. It was synchronicity at its best! It was a fabulous star alignment!

I would love to re-connect and meet them in Carmel, walk along the beach and help them tell their story! Stunning artists! Wooooohoooooo!!!

Life is amazing!

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