Monday, November 30, 2015


Original one-of-a-kind art by Judith Parsons 2015

Where does it reside?  Where does it come from? Is it a small ember waiting to be ignited into an inferno? Does the character of power wait until you are strong enough to handle him/her before he steps up to give you a taste of what you will for ever hunger for?


The wild horse that we ride bareback upon. Our hair flowing and the wind making us crazy for more. There is a strong wild energy wanting to come forward in all of us. A confident strong backed soul who ask you to work for him/her.


It is a powerful feeling when you know you look and feel good. There is much power in beauty and strength. There is no shame in wanting to look and feel better. However, there is much work to be done in order to achieve this goal. 

The power to say “no” to yourself. One must have discipline. We live in a world where snacks, sugar and fast food is within reach twenty four hours a day. Just because it is there, doesn’t mean we should partake of it. Having the power to say “no”…is a tremendous power.

Ask your highest self what you desire? Is it love? Do you love yourself enough to present your best self to the world? Are you waiting around for some hot smoking partner to love you? Are you that hot smoking partner? It is a two way street, this love, this wanting to be better in all ways.

Take your powerful self out of the dusty box in the cob web of your mind and have a talk with yourself. Are you all that you want to be? If no, I suggest you get busy.

That is all.

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