Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Playing in the mud.

Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
There is a photograph of me sitting at the pottery wheel, throwing a pot. I am in Jeanette Murray’s (waving)  pottery studio playing with mud! I wish for all of you a friend that you can play in the mud with!! When we are together playing —we are like 6 year old girls, laughing and giggling! Thank you Jen for taking this photo!! Man-oh-man it reminds me of good times!

I took the photograph, took my arms, the clay and part of the wheel and made todays graphic image.

I seem to be taking ordinary photographs and taking elements from those photos and putting my spin on them. (grinning)

Perhaps when I finish my mFA I will take the ordinary photos and place them in a book with the illustrations, so you can see how far the piece of art changed before it became itself.

We are all doing that in life, we are all taking the best elements of ourselves and putting our own spin on it. The swirling dervish truly is my art these days. Next spring I will be taking pottery on the wheel. It is an old friend, the wheel. It was the thing I feel madly in love with when I was at Armstrong State college 36 years ago. I spent all day, 12 hour days flinging mud and learning the ways of the wheel.

I am already thinking about making molds and creating art with clay and glass. Oh there is so much art to be made!

Heading out to finish a mold I did not finish last night!
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday! Play music- enjoy the preparations!!

Life is amazing!

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  1. You are AMAZING, can't wait to throw mud with you again. Thank you for your teachings and love, thank you for being my friend!!