Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ladder Dragon

Illustration created by Judith Parsons
I started doodling a ladder—then added some arms. I was playing with the J and the letter P as mirror object along the ladder. This was my playing with the first elementary blocks. I did not want to complicate the design, I wanted to keep it as bare bones as possible.

It is not as finessed as I would like, however, at this stage one can warp the shape and have fun with it. The undulating curve of a wave is an interesting shape and can be played with in photoshop and illustrator for hours on end.

I started with a simple ladder with arms and ended with a simple dragon. Hmmmm. Art reflects life…life reflects art?


I will let you know if I start sprouting dragon scales. 

1 comment:

  1. I love the progression! I love the movement. I can move my body that way. First stiff, then I start to undulate here a limb, there the spine...then I am something else...something moving without a name...or names come and then they go...as long as I move nothing stays static...FUN!!!