Friday, November 27, 2015

Smelling ghosts!

Original photograph and art by Judith Parsons 2015
Smelling ghost

Yesterday was an incredible day! There was a fabulous 4 month old labrador puppy to help entertain us as we gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then there were two 16 year old young adults to enlighten on the Humanity of Life.

It was a fresh day, it had rained earlier in the week and everything about the day was clean and clear and breathe-able. The puppy was sniffing the scents, the nose hard at work when Bob (waving) said; “She is smelling ghost.”

Aw-w-w-w-w…The perfect book title! we both laughed, because he knew I would use that as fodder for todays blog! (grinning) You are right Bob. (still waving)!

Thanksgiving for me was always a time to pull out the family china, sterling silver, and crystal engraved goblets. No paper plates for me. I would light candles and polish the candelabra and find the table cloth Aunt Peggy gave me. Thanksgiving was the time to make oyster dressing and drink champagne. It was a time for all the family to gather. I can still hear my dad in Aunt Peggy’s kitchen, he had a loud booming voice. I could hear Aunt Peggy and Aunt Caroline laughing at my father’s banter.

Yesterday was a fabulous day for pulling out the china and enjoying laughter again.

When Bob took the turkey off the grill, the wonderful scents took me back to all my family gatherings. To Aunt Peggy’s with all the young nephews and nieces about, to my own Louisiana grilled turkeys. I could see all the ghost of Thanksgiving past walking by. They were rubbing my back, and kissing me on the cheek. The wind picked up at that moment, the spirits were supporting and loving me…It was a wonderful day for “smelling ghosts!”

Thank you Bob for a glorious gathering!! Family—we got to get our gatherings back on!

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  1. How wonderful Jude! Recalling good memories and making new ones... that's the best thing ever!!