Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ripping the head off the giant....

Photograph and graphic by Judith Parsons 2015
The photo is most appropriate…David slays the giant.
The big bad giant is negativity- depression and despair…
the big bad giant is learning I have been wasting my life away lost in a foggy layer 
the big bad giant is old age…I am on the down slope and rapidly picking up speed toward home plate…
the big bad giant is I would rather be alone than hurt any body ever again…
The big bad giant is fear.

I was talking with a friend about forging ourselves. The hammer strikes the metal leaving a scar, leaving a dented impression. We beat the metal up, leaving a texture of scars and blemishes upon the once smooth clean virgin surface. We create art with that hammer and fire. We harden ourselves with the beating. It is no easy process pounding out the art of you. 
It requires work. 

Somedays I have energy to conquer the world. Other days I want to snuggle cuddle into a ball and hide from the world. I usually disregard the second option and place my mask of confident secure woman on and head on out the door. 

Slaying giants and hammering to harden our hearts…it is what we do.

And we play music in the background… Woman by Joy Williams

Little Bear told the bird: “I know how to fly, but it is always down.”

“I enjoy the fall”


  1. It is better to have people share your life and take a chance on being happy, than living alone in fear...

  2. I woke up cotton-headed and moved/wrote it out. Fortunately, I had the time to do it otherwise a Gorgon mask would be on as well!