Sunday, November 15, 2015

Energy-Feel me?

Art by Judith Parsons 
Connections vary in energy. 

Some people you meet, you know, they are going to stick around for years to come. You glance into them, through them and see the sea of you both. An immense flowing of ebbing and going that is a massive ocean of energy.
That energy is always there. You might have pulled your boat upon the shore of that relationship, you might have decided to connect and try out other relationships. However, that reservoir remains forever, waiting for your return.

There are other energies that are similar to rubbing socked feet upon the carpet. They touch you and you get a brief shock, it is a surprising feeling of energy. You become a child again rushing about in sock feet- tagging and touching your friends, enjoying this light static energy of new found friends.

A life-time ago, I swam and sailed in magnificent waters. They were deep, intense and satisfying to my soul. I wore my sunglasses, drank my wine and loved deeply in those waters. I took those magical waters for granted. I created a foggy layer of illusion and didn’t have a clue what I had.

Now, I am a child in sock feet…shuffling and sliding my feet along the carpet to gather energy so I might reach out and zing you.

Maybe if I keep shuffling about I will gather enough energy you might feel me…all the way over here.

(Grinning)  Feel me?

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