Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dr. Bradberry--You ROCK!

I was reading Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article on “Painful, valuable, lessons from taking charge of my career.” And this one paragraph jumped off the page at me. 

The part that screamed at me, was the part about becoming who you hang out with. THIS was a strike of lightning down my spine. As I really, have not thought much about the issue of negative people wearing off on me. It never occurred to me…that I might become them.

It frightens me. And as I write those words, I am laughing at myself. But, um, looking over my shoulder some of the people I have been hanging with…are not that dang positive. (Glancing over my shoulder—making sure they are not reading this…as I type. Also putting on dark sun glasses.)

He also says, you should strive to be around people who inspire you, people who make you want to be better. Wooohooooo!!!

You know..I was thrilled when I met someone who was disciplined. Because for most of my life, I wasn’t. UNTIL now. NOW, I am holding myself accountable. NOW, I have a goal, now I can see what I want…and damn it all…I am going to succeed!!!

So ..do yourself a favor…stop hanging out with the crappy negative hurtful folks. If they insult you, treat you like dirt, call you names…IT is TIME to “CUT them Loose!”

Amen. Period.

Thank you Dr. Travis! LOVED your article!

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