Friday, November 6, 2015


Original illustration by Judith Parsons 2015

A lovely word, it rolls off the tongue like the name of an exotic flower. I am grinning because I just read a good friends blog about the subject.
(Waving to her!) This is her blog post.
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She brings up some good points, and I skipped over to the wikipedia definition and saw that “Lack of motivation” was also a part of the description. 

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I have motivation! I run around like a silly dog chasing its tail. All engines revving to go and no direction to move in, spinning like a swirling dervish!

It is a work in progress, this sequencing the events, this 2 part deal of starting engine then traveling along a path. We all have followed the trail, thinking it is just beyond that mountain. Then zig-zagging for days across a mountain, the time estimation forgotten days ago and you are at the point where you just want out of the dang car.

Yep. Been there…done that. Over and over again.

Motivation I have. Learning to rein it in, learning to put the saddle and bridle on correctly and then following the new gps technology is key. 

Though, I admit…and this makes me wonder about the schizophrenia…I often see myself, this better me, this more sophisticated, more stylish, more elongated me…and “SHE” beckons me to her. She smooths my hair, straightens my shirt collar, leans forward and kisses me on my forehead. She whispers: “Keep going gorgeous…just don’t stop.” Then she steps back and chuckles, which of course makes me chuckle, and we stand there laughing and hugging one another…

And it is okay…perfectly a-oh-kay…

Keel laughing...keep moving!! Don't rest for too long--you'll rust.

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