Monday, November 9, 2015

Rain, thunder and lightning...OH MY!

I stretched and yawned, 
listening to the quiet. 

It must be raining out, 
because I am not hearing 
the basketball thump 
against the concrete. 
I don’t hear the laughter of children 
from my window. 

I sigh, and point my toes..
I become the rain in that moment. 

Seeping and snuggling down into my nest of pillows for 5 more minutes.

I slipped on my flip flops and stood up and then BAM, lightning and thunder struck!! WOW! What a glorious event! Lightning! Oooooooh how I adore the passion of the storm, when I am safe and sound tucked inside my little cozy room. 

Woooooohooooooo!!! Woooooohoooooooo!!! We have a lovely storm to enjoy!

I grinned and did a little swirl as I made my mornings coffee. TODAY was indeed going to be a perfect day!! Rain and water wash away and prepare for scared transformation…

The lightning and thunder are the extra bonus parts to rain. The lightning and thunder make life crazy fun. There is a scary excitement to the lightning. Of course, it is a dangerous element…we remember all the stories about golfers being struck upon the golf course. So, we must be cautious. 

There is something about fear, the adrenaline that pumps, the heart beat racing that reminds us that we are INDEED ALIVE. There is much to be said for facing our fears.

There are a few friends out there…you know who you are. AND you know, that I know…There are things you are not doing, because of fear. Strap on your armor, pick up your shield and face the fear. You and I both know, you do not want to be an older person, sitting in that rocking chair filled with regret…saying: I should have done (fill in the blank).

Enough of that…lets enjoy the rain.

We don our rubber boots, we dig out the rain gear and we head out. Life is amazing. I have cream in my coffee, I have a light show to watch out my window and the bass drums of thunder to listen to!

 Wooohooooo!! Life is amazing!!

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