Wednesday, November 18, 2015

She has whip in hand...

The top image is from the book "Chiaroscuro"
The blue image was created by
Judith Parsons 2015

3 years ago I did a horse doodle for someone. I am sorry that I can not remember exactly who I did the horse for. (Waving) However, I came across this image from a book called: “Chiaroscuro” it is one of my all time favorite words. I love everything about it, the way it rolls off the tongue, and the meaning of it. I will not tell you the meaning, so you will look it up and then forever know it. It will be lodged into your mind and every time you think of it— you will connect the dots back to me and chuckle to yourself.
(grinning) I should hope at least you just remember what it is.

Anyhow, I came across this wood cut image. And I sat there stunned. As I have never seen this image before, and I was freaked out a little, because here was the image that I had created a few years back. (It is giving me chill bumps telling you about it.) Except that this image was created in 1518.

So, (raised eyebrows) amazing connects of images and things created…ages ago. I have just spend an hour going through old stick drives, looking for the scan of the doodle. I made certificates for all the sold pieces, and thought I could reach back 3 years and find the drawing. (sighing) I can’t. I am sorry. It was a horse with a rider dressed in armor mounted upon the horse.

I found all sorts of old photos. Photos of a camp ground and river that I adored. Photos of people who are shadow memories in my life. Photos of Thanksgiving in a house that was not finished, with friends I still cherish and adore.
I went looking for one thing, and started looking at old memories from another life time ago. 

I was not right then. 
I am holding up my hands in total surrender.

Rost, Margaret, David, Mimi, Arvin, Dennis, and Cora…all these people showed up in those captured kodak memories. I did not have the word “discipline” as a part of who I was. Nope. Nada.

I hid away in those foggy layers…deep down upon the bottom of the ocean. I stayed down there. I am not sure why…Maybe it was so I could be brave enough to travel to San Francisco and continue on with my graduate degree. I am shaking my head at who I was. 

I was like Linus, in a foggy cloud of dusty reality. 

I now ask the disciplined woman to come to the fore front. She lives in Italy, she has a whip in hand, she has on a flowing black pair of slacks that looks like a skirt as she stands still…She has on a white blouse, cut low, pearls on, her bosom is gorgeous, her back is straight…and she is DISCIPLINED.

She is not tolerating the foggy life. She wants to tell the folks in the past: “Sorry. Perhaps we can share a cup of coffee one day.”

She doesn’t have time for doing things half-way any more. She is full-on, making HUGE changes, re-branding herself.

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