Monday, November 2, 2015

Art school.

Created by Judith Parsons
There is only one artist that really has the stylish artist look complete. I want to be her when I grow up. I keep trying to merge the alter-ego of this awesome wild woman with the reality of me, and I can not help but laugh.

Valerie, (waving) you have that look. You have a walk, a stance, a confidence that is stunning. I applaud you! With that, I believe in persisting, eventually I will merge the two people…

For now, I go to work upon my person— the geometric me. I am pleased that the ideas are flowing again, honestly, I was a little worried that the foggy cavern of drink was where all the ideas came from. However, I am thrilled I awakened with many new art ideas wanting to be born. My new philosophy of “sober being the new drunk” is working and the ideas are flowing again.

To you sweet friends upon Facebook, (waving) I am so sorry to leave you. In reality I was pulling away, my art muse wanted more of me. She is a determined artist who stands with hands upon her hips and whip in hand telling me to move it, and finish the MFA in style.

So with that, I must go. The art school awaits.

Just between you and me, if you want to become a stronger older person. give playing with mud a try. It really is amazing how it strengthens the lower back, and makes the biceps strong.