Thursday, November 19, 2015

Magnolia Mentor!

I took the images from google and combined them to create
this composition. By Judith Parsons

Magnolia mentor!

It is amazing how an image can comfort, how it can bring back experiences and make you sigh and swoon in the space of your memories. I was raised in the south, outside of Savannah, GA. My grandma lived downtown on the corner of Abercorn and Taylor. The magnolias were something I took for granted, I thought the whole wide world enjoyed the magnificent bloom. And gardenias—Oooooooooh Lordy mercy that scent floods my mind and I am a young girl again.

I have been thinking about the future, where do I go after San Francisco? I have had 30 years creating graphics and designing advertising layouts. Then add a Masters in Fine Art. 

I am thinking about family and friends, as that is a huge draw to be with people who know you. Connects and contacts are already established. There is a magnificent school, SCAD, that I am certain I can find some sort of employment.

Then other wild thoughts and images come into play. Wonderful risky thoughts, like starting an art school in Ireland! Or teaching art to Oprah, Deepak and Ms. Gilbert. Showing them how time can stop when one is truly creating and lost within the muse wit clay upon their hands.

One must think highly of their abilities, one must “know” and be certain of what they can and can not do. Almost a year from now I will be finished with my course work in San Francisco. Will the school have a new class that I might be able to teach? (shrugging) Who knows, we have had a huge shift in the fine arts department. Anything is possible.

Margaret Keelan was sitting with us today as we created art. She said, one must love the process of making art. THAT is the reward, that is why we do what we do. I looked at her, our eyes connecting, and I agreed. And her words slid over me, covering me in a blanket of wonderfulness. 
It has stayed with me all day. 

I am blessed to be creating art, to have the privilege to make art for 12 hours! 

The magnolia memories and the marvelous mentor! What a glorious day!

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