Friday, November 20, 2015

Spell Caster leaps

"You are your OWN spell caster"
Art created by Judith Parsons 2015

Two statements as flowing through my head now:
1.) You are your own spell caster. 

That is the image you see…I took those words and swirled them around to create a jumbled graphic image…it is on purpose the confusion of the letters, the over lapping colors, and then in the center a circle.

“You are your”…are the words that you can read. Then all the letters over lap. The  words “Own Spell Caster “ is lost in and amongst itself. We get lost too. We think we can simply make a vision board, that we can dream big and all the pieces will fall into place. Then one is left with this very colorful poster board with cut outs and wants and dreams.

Then life happens, people get sick, people get tired and while you are dreaming and planning all the other family members etc. are running interference with your big plans. You peddle harder, you work harder, you put more time into your studies and you are trusting in the big universe to give you the great assist.

2.) Statement two, by Jim Carey: “Hope walks through the fire—faith leaps over it.”

You believe and have faith. You keep working, keep connecting…using social media to give you lots of lovely friends. THEN this occurs to me.

There was a young woman who was an art student years ago. She came up to me after class and asked if she could have some colored pencils. It was a simple request, heck, I had tons, so I gave her the pencils. No big deal- right? Well…hang on a minute. THE BIG DEAL was she asked for something that she could have received a “no” response from.

It took a courage for her to ask. And I admire that back bone. It takes some courage today to be an artist. It is not for the soft tender hearted. It takes lots of work to create art and to get it out there for all to see.

Then it takes the asking: “Will you purchase my art?”

I am casting spells with these words, I am hopeful that I have just magically mesmerized you and you are ready to write me a massive check for a piece of art. I am grinning at that thought. Though, truth be told it is a strange dance between the artist and the buyer. How much to ask for something you spent hours working on, one does not want to give it away…yet…the creator wants her art out in the world. The creator wants her art to have a nice home and to feel valued.

The energy unfurls…wings are born…we have lift-off! The Spell-caster L-E-A-P-S!

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