Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Oppossum

Illustration created by Judith Parsons 
You do not have to defend
your right to be!

I am relating the lesson of the opossum. The book is “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sans and David Carson. It is a wealth of information about animals and what they mean from the Native American perspective. Carson and Sams explain that the strategy of opossum can be used when life gets a little too hard to handle. 

“Use your instincts for the best way out of a tight corner. If you have to pretend to be apathetic or unafraid, do it. Often times if you refuse to struggle or show that hurtful words bother you, your taunter will see no further fun in the game.”

The holidays can be a challenge. We are expected and required to sit down and share a traditional turkey with people who are not always the easiest to handle. The alcohol starts flowing and Lordy mercy, the inhibitors that once were in place fall away and all sorts of hurts happen.

It is sad to think people are still cruel and mean and ugly. I don’t understand it. You would think this negative person would get a clue and change his/her ways. However, there are some folks who only know negative because they grew up in a home saturated in negative oozing mess. They are a reflection of their past. When this sad soul crosses your path, you can use the lesson of the opossum to play dead, and plan your escape.

I created the graphic using the italic words,” You don’t have to defend your right to be.”  It is a glorious statement. I love that we are growing and learning to own our stuff. The only person you need to deal with is you. YOU, know in your heart if something is working for you. YOU, know in your heart how you feel about a certain situation. Take time and relax about it. Take time for you, to “play dead” to be still and silent and consider if you are where you want to be, if you are who you want to be.

I hope you are with people who cherish you over your holiday. I hope you are beside folks that meet your sparkling eyes and match your smile.

May the family gatherings be marvelous and magical. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Friends!

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