Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cast Your Spells Carefully!

Original one-of-a-kind art from one of a kind artist.
Judith Parsons 2015

She held her words against her chest. Like playing cards, she knew when to lay them upon the table. SHE was a master at words. She knew exactly what to say, how to say it…how to raise her voice and how to whisper. 
She k-n-e-w exactly how to cast her spells.

I watched her from afar.

I wondered what she would say to the impressionable wanting one. I knew that she knew. We all knew the powers of words. 

Words are powerful, we spell them with fingertips clicking along the keys…casting spells to mesmerize and thrill.

Words form people. They become ghostly at first, standing in you peripheral vision, just out of reach. You give them life, you write them into your script. Or you cast them aside. You can see yourself ripping the paper from the old fashioned type writer, the rolling mechanism making its one of a kind sound. You fling the paper over your shoulder, distraught because the words are responding the way you desire.

The words come alive. Your emotion created them as soon as you cast them aside. They are forming, into that person you wanted to bring to life. It takes longer than the words that you are giving your attention to…However, that cast away piece of thought is there…forming…rising off the paper of memory, becoming a spell.

I stand in the archway, this magical place alive with words… sipping my hot beverage- the steam from my mug flows upward and dances over to meet the words “mysterious” …they swirl around one another and become the word, “passion”.  Then they slide around me, caressing me with their magical abilities. I chuckle and that laughter transforms into smoky delicious feathers.

This, makes me laugh even more…the words know me. I walk over to you, handing you one of the feathers, which you dip in magical ink. The other feather I caress your jaw line with. You smile, you glance at your quill and one magical drop of ink falls upon the paper of life.

The ink forms you.

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